Bespoke/Custom Orders

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If you would like to order a Bespoke Keramik Saint Lucia piece, please complete the form below. 

Once your enquiry is received, I’ll contact you with design ideas.

Then the design is priced and agreed.

At this time I can only accept PayPal payments, but as soon as the funds have been received, I’ll send you a welcome email with an approximate schedule.

Rest assured, the piece will be lovingly made and unique.

I like to include YOU in the making process, so I like to send you Cupdates.

The Cupdates will be no more than 4/5 short (60-90 seconds) videos, showing your bespoke piece’s journey from lump of clay to piece of wonder.

This is an example of a Cupdate

The entire process usually takes around 3 weeks.

Watch videos of the entire process here


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