Gift Boxes!


Gift Boxes!

From 11th October until there’s none left!

Special Clearance OFFER

$50/£50 & $75/£75 Gift Boxes


You will receive a box containing:

at least 2 pieces of Pottery.

This could be a mix of bowls, mini bowls, beakers, saucers and mugs.


You will receive a box containing:

a SET comprising at least 3 pieces of Pottery

These will be different combinations of bowls, mini bowls, beakers, plates and mugs.

For illustrative purposes only!

examples of $50/£50 Boxes

examples of $75/£75 Boxes

All pieces are one of a kind, therefore there is only one of each box. To make things fair, you will be able to suggest a preference, however you are NOT guaranteed your preferred box.

You are purchasing a random Box!

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