Going, Going, Gone!

Welcome all to another Keramik Saint Lucia Update.
I’m holding my fundraising Live Auction on Clapper in order to kick start the fundraising on my Saint Lucia Dream Project. If you don’t know what that is, 

Click here.

Currently, I only have plans to broadcast on Clapper, use the link below to download the app. Search KERAMIKSLU


If there is demand, I am prepared to go live on either Instagram or Facebook, so if you would like me to do that, either leave a message on the website or email me on Keramikslu@gmail.com

There is a podcast available to accompany the project, listen to it here:
Episode 1
Podcast page

Auction Lot Videos

I had a lot of fun taking my pieces around the island. My aim was to show off my pieces using the beauty of the Saint Lucia landscape.

Lots 1-5
Lots 6 – 10

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