Local Liming Tours

Even the drive to the chicken place is gorgeous!

Choose your tour

All tours include:

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • Entrance Fees
  • Soft Drinks/water
  • lots of fun 🙂

Half Day Tour

We start at your hotel very early in the morning and head south, stopping at the Sulphur Springs. Afterwards, we’ll head to Choiseul for BREAKFAST. Then we can either do a traditional guided tour or simply lime like locals, popping in to visit some friends and see the views from their back gardens! I’ll take you to hang out at my favourite beach, before heading up the other side of the island back to your hotel.

An Evening tour is also available, however a trip to the Sulphur springs will not be included (it’s too hot!).

Full day Tour

Starting at your hotel, I will take you on a complete tour of the island, focussing on the undiscovered south. There are Waterfalls, Sulphur Springs, picturesque villages and empty beaches. You’ll hang out with locals under mango trees, eat the best fried chicken while admiring breathtaking views and get a real sense of the Saint Lucia vibe. We’ll head up the other side of the island and back to your hotel.

Themed tours also available. Themes include:

  • Local Food and Ingredients
  • Gardening Enthusiasts
  • Traditional Pottery & Ceramics
  • Street Food Sampler
  • The Historic South

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